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Quality of Life

Our Values

DPM Mashel - Werte DPM Mashel - Umweltkonzept zur Nachhaltigkeit

The new generation of dry mineral wall paint

Our three pillars of sustainable business development are connected to the four fundamental forces of nature. The nature awakes our pursuit of sustainable life style. We create innovations combining old knowledge and new sustainable technologies.

At DPM Mashel we have developed a unique product and contribute to environmental protection with our sustainable, ecological concept.

  • AIR: Transporting FARNOVO (DPM Classic) - our dry wall paint – we can bring down to 60 % CO2 emissions.
    → Dry material can be better packaged and we do not transport water.
  • EARTH: With our optimized reusable mixing bucket concept, you can reduce up to 80% of your special plastic waste (the paint bucket).
    → While you renovate, always dissolve fresh paint in the same reusable mixing bucket.
  • WATER: "Water is gold" we will hear these words again and again in the next years, fresh water is becoming rare good progressively.
    → With our FARNOVO dry paint, you can optimize your water footprint and reduce your "virtual water consumption" significantly. At DPM Mashel we use 0% water for our production and have 0 % wastewater out of production.
  • PEOPLE/FIRE: Our healthy, pollutant-free FARNOVO wall paint gives you the opportunity to act economically and environmentally friendly at the same time. Always mix only as much as you need. The rest of the dry paint can be easily sealed and kept for later work.

An innovation gets people moving and when someone asks us why we are doing the effort, we answer very clearly:

Because we love life.


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